KA Group provides consulting services to private, public and civil sector clients in the Balkan area countries, in the field of Management Consulting and Project Development Services.

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Organizational consulting

Organizational change & development services of KA Group include:org

  • Organizational change: restructuring, turn-around, new management, alignment of organizational design
  • Coaching and training of top and middle management
  • Human Resource Management - planning, implementation and evaluation
  • Learning Systems and Knowledge Management (Assessment; Defining Organizational Learning models, practices)
  • Management Monitoring Systems - design, implementation.
  • Team building, including corporate games, team workshops, company retreats.
  • Employee Surveys: satisfaction, team evaluation, managers evaluation.

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"There is always a better strategy than the one you have; you just haven't thought of it yet"
Sir Brian Pitman

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KA Group Consulting enhances challenge resolution of our clients, for organizations that require turn-around or expect future growth!

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